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Do you know, how the future of electrical vehicles will look like?

Whether its traditional combustion engines or modern electric vehicles (EV) its the result of precision components assembled in the correct way which ensures the quality and efficiency of the completed system.

A combustion engine requires components, like fuel filters and pumps, where an electric drive system requires, inductive and resistive components, like RFI filters, chokes and dynamic braking resistors to ensure drive energy is stored, delivered and regenerated with the highest efficiency.

REO is used to dealing with these types of components, both in industrial and railway traction, applications and can apply its wide experience to designing and rating these components but also to cooling and packaging them.

Charging stations

The subject of electric charging stations continues to raise many questions. How will these stations be supplied? Will they also be available for private households? Are inductive loops or entire loading bays possible?

Even how the power gets to the loading station is not yet certain. Ecologically sound methods would involve powering the charging station with electricity from solar panels - but for this, we have to find a way to convert the power already in the station.

Here too, REO has the right solution for every application - just contact us!

Electrical and inductive components in electric vehicles

With electrically driven vehicles, resources are preserved and energy-efficient driving is possible.

For automotive manufacturers vehicles with electric drives represent a new challenge, because new standards are required and with the use of electricity we strike new ground.

We don't know what the E-car of the future will look like.However, one thing is clear: without inductive components to ensure a clean flow of energy the inverter drive will not work.

Testing of energy

The manufacture and sale of electrical components requires extensive tests to ensure compliance with standards and the safety of products.

Whether checks of the battery in the workshop or tests of inverters for electric cars in test areas - REO offers the optimal solution from a single power supply to complex module test stations with power supplies, load and electronic control units.

Brochure Components for efficient charging systems and hybrid/electric drives