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October 13th, 2017

APTA EXPO 2017 - the year of the electric bus

Back from APTA 2017 in Atlanta. It was a great event to continue developing existing relationships and forge new ones ...more

September 15th, 2017

REO-USA at the APTA EXPO 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

REO-USA is exhibiting at the APTA EXPO 2017 October 9 - 11 2017 in Atlanta, GA.
We are exhibiting our latest technology of Components for Railway applications. ...more

August 29th, 2017

REO-USA at the Corrosion Technology Week (CTW) in Indianapolis, Indiana

REO-USA is participating in the Corrosion Technology Week 2017, September 10-14 2017 ...more

REO-USA - Industries

Industrie Power Quality Solutions

Precise understanding and diagnosis of the problem by measurement and monitoring at site (over several months) with the help of REO devices.

REO PowerQualitySolutions Product Brochure

Industrie Industrial Converter Solutions

REO is a manufacturer of inductive and resistive components for use with drives technology with modern frequency converters. EMC problems, harmonics, dv/dt problems, disturbances and transient currents are only a few examples where REO can help.

REO IndustrialConverter -Inductive and Resistive components for Frequency converters

REOunity - System Solutions for Variable Speed Drives- Product Brochure

Industrie Industrial Converter Solutions Renewable Energy Wind Solar
Components for Solar and Wind Power Generation

Wind and solar power systems are currently the cleanest method of energy production and are a real alternative to conventional energy generation. Both wind and solar power plants utilise highly efficient inverters. Of course these generate mains disturbances which cannot be allowed to be present at the mains. REO provides a wide range of components for these industries.

REO IndustrialConverter -Renewable Energy- Product Brochure

Industrie Transportation Converter Solutions

The safety of passengers and the compliance of railway standards is of the utmost importance in this industry. Most applications demand that components must be adapted to the local environmental and operating conditions. High quality standards and continuous developments ensure that that REO is a reliable partner within this sector.

REO TransportationConverter Product Brochure

REO Components for Railway Applications

Industrie Electro Medical Solutions

Since 1925 REO has developed innovative solutions for transformers and today REO produces transformers for medical devices, which comply with global standards setting new standards in efficiency and improvements in safety.

REO ElectroMedical Product Brochure

Industrie Electrical Test Solutions

REO is the industry leader for servo-controlled variable-transformers and this allows us to provide a comprehensive range of variable AC and DC power supply systems for the test industry.

REO ElectricalTest Product Brochure

Industrie Vibratory Feeder Solutions

REO has supported manufacturers of vibratory feeding solutions for over 20 years and is today the worldwide industrie leader of the REOVIB range of control units.
Whether for bowl, linear or hoppers feeders - REO offers the suitable system solution - from the controller to vibration magnets and measurement systems too.

REO VibratoryFeeder Product Brochure

Industrie Power Electronic Solutions

Many areas of modern industry have huge energy requirements, which must be monitored and regulated. Whether single and three-phase power controller or complete power supplies with transformer, harmonics filter and power factor correction - REO offers system solutions for the power supply and control element with the REOTRON range.

REO PowerElectronic Product Brochure

REOTRON Power supplies for use in cathodic protection applications
Power Supplies for Cathodic Protection Applications

For many years REO has manufactured and developed power supplies for use in Cathodic Protection (CP) applications. REOTRON TRPS-CP are robust transformer-rectifier (TR) power supply units. They are used all over the world in CP applications and provide exceptionally reliable and economical protection. REOTRON SMP-CP is a robust electronic power supply based on the latest primary switch mode technology. Whatever your preferred power options are for your CP requirements, REO has the solution.

REOTRON Power Supplies for use in cathodic protection applications Brochure

Electrical Vehicles
Electrical Vehicles

Do you know, how the future of electrical vehicles will look like?

Electrical Vehicles