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Brochure Protection Rating
REO NTT WS protection rating
REO achieves highest IP protection ratings - IP66
REOunity reactors filters and braking resistors Protection Rating up to IP66

High Ingress Protection (IP) class for demanding applications

Especially useful for electronic components which are used in industrial systems with strong external climatic influences, reliable protection is necessary to ensure trouble-free operation.

To guarantee the safety of persons and components, REO is able to provide a wide range of products with Ingress Protection to IP65. To reach this level of protection, the electrical components are completely encapsulated with epoxy resin. This protects against exterior influences like water, brake dust and other deposits. As a result, the core and windings are efficiently protected and the life time is increased. This is particularly useful with the constantly growing demands of the railway engineering and Electrical Vehicle sectors.


REOunity up to IP66 - The solution for challenging variable speed drive environments. Protection ratings up to IP 66.
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Download Brochure REO EMC-Filter with IP66

Download Brochure Fully encapsulated REO Reactors and Line Filters with IP66

Download Brochure REO Braking resistors with IP66