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April 11th, 2017

Corrosion 2017 New Orleans - A Success

REO USA was proud to display the next generation technology for Cathodic Protection ...more

February 28th, 2017

REO-USA at Corrosion 2017 - Conference & Expo

Please visit our booth at CORROSION 2017, March 26-30 in New Orleans, Louisiana. ...more

February 1st, 2017

REO AG all set to exhibit at MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICYTY Dubai

Visit us at the MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY, Feb 14 - 16 2017 at the at the Dubai World Trade Center, UAE - Hall H3, Booth H10. ...more

REO-USA - News

► REO USA now offers Braking resistors for Aggressive environments

March 17th, 2016

Especially in aggressive environments, climates with high temperature variations or other severe climatic conditions, using products with a high protection class is essential.
The profile resistors of the REOhm series BW 150 with high protection class are especially suitable for aggressive environments, like marine applications or in railway technology. Another large application is the wind power technology - there you can use the resistors for pitch systems. These components can be mounted externally and are protected against external environmental issues.
Often the components are mounted outside the switching cabinet - therefore it is a requirement to select a resistor with a high protection class.
REO understands this philosophy and has a large standard range of resistors. Contact us today for more information or a quote.

REO_Braking-Resistors IP 66

► Shock and Awe    

February 8th, 2016

REO-USA reactor aces shock and vibration tests to help Siemens electric drive system boost megaton mine-truck speed

REO-USA has a long history of developing three-phase transformers and air chokes for large mining trucks. They also lead in air chokes for traction applications in the railroad industry where vibration can rattle even the toughest components, providing reactors able to handle it and come back for more.

That experience triggered a design concept which helped them garner an assignment from Siemens Industry Inc., global leader in control systems, for a reactor that blends know-how from both industries: Line chokes for drive systems in mining industry haul trucks - and also, importantly, for use with an overhead trolley.

Winning the Request for Proposal competition, however, was only the beginning.

Large mining truck with air chokes from REO-USA

Mining haul trucks similar to this can move up to 360 'short tons' (720,000 lbs.) of uranium per load. New drive systems from Siemens Industry Inc. incorporate specially designed line choke reactors from REO-USA, which are able to withstand extraordinary vibrations incurred on these applications.

"The REO-USA concept closely matched what the Truck Product Manager, Xiaobin Wang visualized the reactor box to be," says Don Willis, Procurement Manager at Siemens. Wang concurred, noting the traction application for trains is very similar to mining.

"However, it needs to be much more robust," asserts Wang. "Railway vibrations are minimal compared to those generated by Mining Haul Trucks."

Ultra-tough to handle shocks from mega-ton hauls

These are among the industry's larger haul trucks, climbing out of coal, copper, iron ore or other mines with 330- and 360- short ton loads. The world's largest haul truck, which also utilizes Siemens technology, carries 500 short tons - or one million pounds - on every single trip.

The trucks operate in Namibia on Africa's west coast, just below Angola and above South Africa, Botswana is to the east. Here, the mine being developed by Swakop Uranium for nuclear power plants began production in December 2015. It is expected to become the world's second largest uranium mine, with the potential to produce 15 million pounds (7,500 short tons) per year for the next two decades.

No one gets a speeding ticket working this mine - six mph is considered good. Picking up the pace could pay big dividends in volume of ore hauled per day, per week and beyond. In fact, faster hauls are one of Siemens' key goals in seeking new, advanced technology. That's where the trolley system in particular comes in. more

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