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April 11th, 2017

Corrosion 2017 New Orleans - A Success

REO USA was proud to display the next generation technology for Cathodic Protection ...more

February 28th, 2017

REO-USA at Corrosion 2017 - Conference & Expo

Please visit our booth at CORROSION 2017, March 26-30 in New Orleans, Louisiana. ...more

February 1st, 2017

REO AG all set to exhibit at MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICYTY Dubai

Visit us at the MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY, Feb 14 - 16 2017 at the at the Dubai World Trade Center, UAE - Hall H3, Booth H10. ...more

REO-USA - News

► Think big, build small with confidence

October 28th, 2015

New-generation REOWAVE®passive harmonic filters from REO-USA raise the bar on lowering distortion, expand design options

Good news for manufacturers of equipment going into commercial HVAC installations, pumping stations, wind turbines or anywhere else where harmonics can cause machine malfunctions, excess energy consumption and shorten equipment life. Now engineers can design smaller, less costly and more efficient systems using thyristors or frequency converters and concurrently combat harmonics from these non-linear loads by incorporating REO-USA's new-generation REOWAVE®passive harmonic filters.

REOWAVE®passive harmonic filters

Special housing provides extra protection for a range of REOWAVE®passive filter sizes designed to handle current from 6A to 1200 A.

"Specially designed circuitry enables REOWAVEpassive filters to dramatically limit non-linear power distortion in variable frequency drives (VFDs) and motors," says Alex Ward, Technical Sales Engineer for the Indianapolis, Indiana-based firm. "This gives users greater flexibility to engineer products with higher current ratings as well as less power loss, without rampant harmonic content impeding product performance." more

► Introducing remote CP monitoring and adjustment from REO-USA: REOTRON SMP power supplies

September 17th, 2015

One person, one location, and one REO-USA REOTRON SMP-CP series DC power supplies unit for use with cathodic protection devices. That's all it takes to monitor corrosion prevention along an entire pipeline, or throughout refinery piping and storage, in water treatment facilities, bridge infrastructure - any industry that requires cathodic protection. All monitoring is done remotely.

REOTRON SMP-CP for use in cathodic protection applications
While remote CP monitoring and adjustment eliminates time and labor, operational efficiency is enhanced by low ripple (+/- 100mV) with REO-USA's REOTRON SMP-CP series power supplies. Output power options: 500W or 1000W. The SMP-CP/M is a plug-in model.

The same person can then also adjust CP current flow, if and as needed. Remotely. No need to send someone out to measure CP at every device, every 4-6 weeks. No need to manually adjust rectifiers. Centrally located REO-USA REOTRON primary switched power supplies render such routines obsolete.

"Time and labor savings can be huge," says Charlie Presley, Technical Sales Engineer for Indianapolis-based REO-USA. "Service organizations can simply focus on periodic system maintenance that may be needed every six months, instead of spending time on CP at six - week intervals or even more often."

Next-generation REO-USA technology

"This truly is next-generation technology versus old-school rectifiers and labor-intensive efforts," Presley continues. He notes that various companies produce sensing equipment that can measure the potential for corrosion in a structure. They send that signal to the REOTRON SMP supply via Internet link, satellite communication systems or other interface options built into REO-USA SMP units. more

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