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April 11th, 2017

Corrosion 2017 New Orleans - A Success

REO USA was proud to display the next generation technology for Cathodic Protection ...more

February 28th, 2017

REO-USA at Corrosion 2017 - Conference & Expo

Please visit our booth at CORROSION 2017, March 26-30 in New Orleans, Louisiana. ...more

February 1st, 2017

REO AG all set to exhibit at MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICYTY Dubai

Visit us at the MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY, Feb 14 - 16 2017 at the at the Dubai World Trade Center, UAE - Hall H3, Booth H10. ...more

REO-USA - News

► REO-USA introduces a new generation of 5-limb chokes

July 8th, 2015

REO-USA has introduced its new generation of CNW 910 and CNW MC 835 series of 5-limb chokes, offered with or without water-cooling the devices can be either used as three-phase network chokes or motor chokes, and in the standard version are dimensional for nominal currents up to 1,200 amperes.

In addition to huge savings in weight and volume - up to 40% and combined with low thermal heating - due to their special 5-limb body they are indispensable to the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the entire system.

REO 5_limb reactor

The new generation of 5-limb chokes from REO-USA offers a host of outstanding benefits.

"When using regenerative converters, chokes are generally employed to provide clean, sine wave-shaped power. Depending on the type of converter, common-mode interference can occur, creating additional thermal loading on the choke," remarked Rick Jones, Senior Director of Engineering for REO-USA.

"Similar problems occur with motor chokes generally known to allow longer motor supply lines and designed to protect the motor and its insulation. In both cases, magnetic fields lying outside the core can seriously affect components located in the vicinity of the choke."

Jones said an additional unwound limb ensures the choke are able to both transmit and damp common-mode noise until such time as it can be ultimately conducted to earth. The new generation of REO-USA chokes not only provides an effective solution to these problems, but also demonstrates low levels of noise emission. Space-saving design and reduced manufacturing costs make the new chokes even more cost-effective.

► VFD trends and solutions for drive systems

June 12th, 2015

REO USA featured in Plant Engineering Trade Magazine.
VFD trends and solutions for Drive Systems: Harmonics mitigation, filtering voltage spikes are two key issues.

VFD trends and solutions for Drive Systems at Plant Engineering Trade Magazine.

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