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Braking Resistors up to 2kW

Braking Resistor as DC-link for drives w. frequency converters
REOunity BW 150

Braking Resitors

DC-link component
For drives with frequency converters of smaller power. Direct assembly to frequency drive.

Resistance 1 - 1440 Ohm
continuous power 100 - 3000 W
max. operating voltage 900 V


Braking Resistor for Train Technology
BW 153

Compact braking Resistors

Resistance 7-620 Ohm
max. operating voltage 900 V
Permanent power 160 - 360 W


Shunt Resistor
Shunt Resistor

Shunt resistors for solar applications or measuring battery current in motor vehicles.
Resistance values: 0,05 mOhm - 0,5 mOhm
Tolerance: +/- 5%
Temperature range: -40 °C to +140 °C
Power rating: max. 6W
Inductance: < 5 nH


Compact Braking Resistor  BW 156
BW 156

Compact braking Resistors

Resistance 1-1000 Ohm
max. operating voltage 900 V
Permanent power up to 1.5 kW
available UL certified


REO-BrakingResistor Brochure.pdf

Compact Breaking Resistor Drives
BW 155

Compact Braking Resistors

Resistance up to 1440 Ohm
continuous power up to 3 KW
max. operating voltage 900 V
Protection up to IP 65


REO-BrakingResistor Brochure.pdf

Flat Braking Resistor BW 152
BW 152

Flat braking resistors

Resistance 3-620 Ohm
max. operating voltage 900 V
Permanent power 120 - 330 W


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