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September 12th, 2016

InnoTrans 2016 - The world's leading trade fair for transport technology

Visit us at the InnoTrans Sept 20 - 23 2016, Berlin Germany - Hall: 17, Booth 206 ...more

August 25th, 2016

REO-USA introduces next generation of current transducers for all industrial applications

After developing highly successful technology used specifically for railway engineering, REO-USA is now introducing a new generation of closed loop current transducers. ...more

June 15th, 2016

REOHM Braking Resistors find acceptance with high protection and outstanding benefits

With an optimal structure and power consumption to withstand vibration and shock tests and other advantages, air- and liquid-cooled REOHM Braking resistors from REO-USA are proving to be a solid choice for a variety of companies throughout North America ...more

REO-USA - Our product ranges

Inductive Electronics Resistive
Inductive Components Line Reactors Line Filters dv/dt Filters Currenttransformers

Chokes/Inductors/Reactors, EMC components, Current transformers, Medical transformers, AC-electro components

Electronic Components Vibratory Controllers

Analog and digital control devices, Power supplies for industry, Soft starters and Thyristor power controllers.

Resistive Components Braking Resistors

Braking , Loading and Attenuating resistors

Featured Product ...

Protection against external influences....

... is important for many applications. The REOTRON SMP-CP are primary switched power supplies for applications in cathodic protection devices and help to control the corrosion in applications such as Pipelines, tanks, offshore-parks, bridges and provide safety for these plants.
You can download our product brochure here REOTRON Power supplies.

Primary switched power supplies for applications in Cathodic Protection devices